Our commitment

As a manufacturing company and committed employer, we are part of this world and see it as our responsibility to make a real contribution. Here you can find out what is important to us at SOFTCLOX.
Let’s take care of our natural resources!

Made in Europe

is a promise that encompasses high quality and short transport routes.

  • The materials we use are sourced in the EU. We do not use imports from the Far East.
  • The wood we use for the soles comes exclusively from sustainably cultivated forests in Europe.
  • The leather for the upper comes from European tanneries – mainly from family-run businesses in Italy.
  • SOFTCLOX shoes are manufactured by our production partner shucube GmbH in Austria and Hungary.
  • SOFTCLOX is headquartered in Munich..

Shoe craftmanship

Our wood

Empowering women



SOFTCLOX are “friends for life”! They are intended to become a cherished friend for our customers, accompanying them over many years and alleviating their everyday life thanks to their unique wearing comfort. The fact that they have to meet our strict requirements regarding materials and production standards means that we can guarantee their durability. But just in case there is a problem, we have set up a repair service in our production facility in Austria.

Slow Fashion

Nature participates in design at SOFTCLOX. This is reason enough for us to put priority on slowing things down a little in the otherwise hectic world of fashion. One fashion collection per season and the careful processing of durable materials is our answer to the throwaway mentality. As we are not interested in fashion that is not highly valued, we expect our SOFTCLOX to accompany our customers and their high standards for many years. We see slow fashion as an inner attitude rather than a trend.