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Wooden clogs - totally in vogue!

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SOFTCLOX - the special shoes

SOFTCLOX are an innovation in the shoe world. The integration of high-quality rubber joints in the sole makes the formerly fixed wooden sole - known from clogs - flexible and allows you to easily roll your foot while wearing it. SOFTCLOX also attaches great importance to comfort away from the sole: The processing of high-quality leather (such as suede and nappa leather) provides an impressive, beautiful look and the shoe nestles comfortably softly to the foot. As a natural material, the leather adapts to the shape of the foot without pressing. The outstanding quality of SOFTCLOX is due to the high-quality workmanship and the incomparable wearing comfort. Longtime wearers know that it is above all the use of the best materials that represents SOFTCLOX. The combination of high-quality natural wood, soft genuine leather and robust rubber ensures the longevity of the shoes.

Friends for Life

SOFTCLOX are #friendsforlife and designed as long-lasting companions. In addition to the used materials the right care plays an important role. SOFTCLOX are consciously kept easy-care and require no special attention. You don't need to take care of your shoes in everyday life, nor do you need to purchase expensive special products for their care. The shoes brave hot summer days, rain and snow at the same time. The comfortable wooden footbed adapts to any temperature. You wear your shoes at sub-zero temperatures without getting cold feet. And at high temperatures in summer, your feet won't get hot. The wood can easily get wet in rainy weather. Please only make sure that you do not dry your shoes on the heating or in the sun, but air dry them. To clean any dirt, please use gentle detergents, such as water and soap.

Women's shoes for every occasion and every cause

Sexy and comfortable... but it works! With many shoes you have to make a compromise. Either the shoes are comfortable, but look more like slippers. Or they are beautiful shoes, which look elegant, but press at all ends and can not be worn for long. We at SOFTCLOX deliver the complete package to you thanks to highest quality and innovative design and do not demand any compromise from you. Once you have found your favourite shoes, you can be sure that the sandals, mules, clogs, boots or boots are comfortable and sexy to wear. To make it easier for you to choose your favourite fit, we have introduced a system for naming our models: SOFTCLOX with the same initial letter have the same sole shape and are therefore as comfortable as ever. If our KEA mules fit you, the KELLY and KASSANDRA summer shoes will also fit you perfectly. SOFTCLOX are not only sandals or bootees, SOFTCLOX are shoes for every occasion and every occasion. Once you start wearing SOFTCLOX, you usually stay with it. Take a look at our range of women's shoes for spring, summer, autumn and winter! Shopping online has never been so easy: Order your favourite shoes in your size relaxed with a few clicks online on invoice and try on your new SOFTCLOX for ladies comfortably at home after delivery. If something doesn't fit, you have a fourteen-day right of return. Visit our online shop now and make SOFTCLOX the new highlight of your shoe cabinet.