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Now also in unisex and for guys

Our popular TAMINA clog is now also available in the new unisex version TAMINO in sizes 42-47.


Summer breeze

In the new spring/summer collection wie play with details and bring vibrancy onto the wooden soles.


The surprise is in the sole. Learn all about the flexible miracle sole of our wooden shoes.

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SOFTCLOX - the special wooden shoes.

SOFTCLOX are an innovation in the shoe industry, because our women's shoes have a very special feature - a flexible wooden sole! Yes, really, SOFTCLOX wooden shoes can be bent! And they have already won several awards for this. The innovation: by integrating high-quality rubber joints, the wooden soles - known from clogs for women - become flexible and allow your feet to roll gently when walking. The prejudice that clog shoes for women are rigid, heavy and uncomfortable is passé thanks to SOFTCLOX! SOFTCLOX focuses on comfort in every aspect – not only regarding the soles. Because every woman desires comfortable shoes! The processing of high-quality leather (such as suede and nappa leather) ensures an impressive, beautiful look and the wooden shoes nestle softly to the feet. As a natural material, the leather adapts to the shape of the feet without pinching. This all-round comfort is completed with the flexible natural wooden soles. Wood as a natural material flatters feet and feels very comfortable on the skin. You should definitely try to slip into your SOFTCLOX wooden clogs for women barefoot - you will love the feeling! The extraordinary comfort of SOFTCLOX comes from the high-quality fabrication and the incomparable feeling of wearing. Long-time patrons know that it is mainly the use of the best materials that make SOFTCLOX so unique. High-quality natural wood and soft genuine leather combined to ensure the durability of the wooden shoes.

SOFTCLOX wooden shoes are durable - like friends for life!

SOFTCLOX are #friendsforlife and designed to be long-lasting companions. Our clogs for women are made only from high quality materials. The wood for our clog shoes for women is particularly robust, yet surprisingly light. The leathers used for the shoes with wooden soles are also exclusively high-grade and butter-soft. The high quality standards and the accurate processing of the materials make our wooden shoes loyal companions for many years. And if something should happen to your wooden clogs for women, we have set up a repair service in our production facility. Because it is a matter close to our hearts that our customers enjoy their SOFTCLOX wooden shoes for a long time.

SOFTCLOX clogs for women for every occasion.

Sexy and comfortable ... of course it’s possible! With many shoe types, women have to compromise. Sometimes women’s shoes are comfortable but not very pretty. Or the other way round, there are beautiful shoes that look elegant but are not really comfortable and are only appropriate for short-time wearing. At SOFTCLOX we can provide the complete package thanks to the highest quality and innovative design. And we don't want to compromise. Finally there are comfortable high heels: SOFTCLOX! The flexible dutch wooden shoes are incredibly comfortable thanks to their smooth and light sole and the platform. Happy customers confirm this time and time again. And we at SOFTCLOX are all happy wearers of our clogs for women ourselves!

SOFTCLOX women's shoes offer a versatile selection of styles and the right wooden shoes for every taste and wardrobe: wedge sandals with wooden soles, wooden mules, classic clog shoes for women, boots with wooden soles, wooden sandals with heels or flats, boots with flat wooden soles or ankle boots with wooden heels - at SOFTCLOX every woman is guaranteed to find what she is looking for!

Fair fashion - sustainable wooden shoes by SOFTCLOX.

At SOFTCLOX, we have always cultivated aresponsible use of our resources; sustainable footwear is not just an empty phrase for us. The natural wood for our clog shoes for women comes only from sustainably managed forests in Europe. And the leather for our wooden clogs for women is also sourced from European countries - mainly from traditional family businesses in Italy. In our production facilities in Austria and Hungary, the wooden shoes are carefully manufactured, mostly by hand. Fair wages and long-term relationships with our partners are important,of course, to us. SOFTCLOX shoes with wooden soles are completely made in Europe – and therefore not only stand for the highest quality, but also guaranteefair working and trading conditions and short transport routes. Wooden shoes for women that you can buy with a clear and good conscience - that is important to us at SOFTCLOX!

Buy wooden shoes - quick and easy!

Once you have found your favourite shoes with wooden sole, you can be sure that the wooden sandals, clogs sandals, wooden mules, dutch wooden shoes, clog shoes for women, booties or boots for women are comfortable to wear and look sexy at the same time. To make it easier for you to choose your favourite fit, we have introduced a smart system regarding the naming of our models: SOFTCLOX women's shoes with the same initial letter all have the same sole shape. A practical guide when choosing new wooden shoes. If, for example, our wooden mules KELLY fit you, KATINKA and KATJA as well as all other summer shoes with the initial letter "K" will also fit you perfectly.

SOFTCLOX clogs for women are not just sandals or ankle boots, they are women's shoes for every day and any occasion. Once you start wearing SOFTCLOX wooden shoes with the flexible soles, you usually stick with them. Take a look at our range of women's shoes for spring, summer, autumn and winter now! Shopping online has never been so easy: order your favourite wooden shoes in your size with just a few clicks online and try on your new SOFTCLOX wooden clogs for women comfortably at home. If something doesn't fit, you can return them within 30 days. Visit our online shop now and make SOFTCLOX wooden shoes the new highlight of your shoe wardrobe.

How to care for SOFTCLOX wooden shoes?

Besides the materials used, proper care plays an important role for the durability of our wooden clogs for women. SOFTCLOX shoes with wooden soles are designed to be easy to care for and do not require any special attention. You do not need to take good care of the wooden shoes in everyday life, nor do you need to purchase expensive special products for their treatment. The clog shoes for women withstand hot summer days as well as rain and snow. The comfortable wooden sole adapts to any temperature. You can wear your shoes in sub-zero temperatures without getting cold feet. And when the temperature is high in summer, your feet won't get hot. In rainy weather, the water doesn’t harm the wooden sole at all. Just make sure not to dry your shoes on the heater or in the sun, but let them air-dry slowly. To remove dirt, please use gentle detergents such as water and soap. And if you like to give your wooden shoes a refreshing treatment after a while, you can rub the wood of the sole with a suitable oil - linseed oil or furniture oil in the same colour or Naturhaus tinting oil. This way, your dutch wooden shoes will always be fresh, even after years.