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Comfortable wooden heel boots for fall and winter


„These boots are made for walking“ Nancy Sinatra used to sing, and we totally agree: Boots are, above all, meant for walking! Our aspiration: SOFTCLOX wooden heel boots must be, first and foremost, comfortable. We want our wood sole boots to make women happy and therefore combine comfort with style. SOFTCLOX stands for comfortable boots that also comply with fashion trends. This applies to our heeled boots, as well as to the medium-high and flat versions of our clogs boots.

A little boots theory: What types of comfortable boots exist?

First of all, the basics: what is the difference between boots and bootees? Basically, the shaft height - if the shafts of the shoes go up to the ankle or slightly above, they are called bootees or ankle boots, however, if the shafts go higher, we talk about boots. But there are also different types of boots:

Wide calf boots - as the name suggests, these comfortable boots are characterised by a wider shaft, so these boots also fit women with stronger calves.

Knee-high boots - these boots with heels or flat boots have a shaft that is quite long - up to the knee, but not above.

Overknee boots - these boots have a shaft that goes above the knee.

And There are also many differences in style: cowboy boots, biker boots, riding boots, wooden clog boots and many more.

Comfortable heeled boots – yup, it's possible!

The times when you had to choose between style and comfort are over! Because SOFTCLOX wooden heel boots offer both! Our wooden clog boots are comfortable boots that can also keep up with the latest fashion trends. Even our high wooden heel boots can be worn comfortably all day long – as happy customers confirm again and again. The secret lies in the sole: SOFTCLOX wooden soles are flexible thanks to the special, integrated rubber joint and that let your feet roll gently and allow to walk quietly.

The plateau of the wood sole boots also downsizes a few heel centimetres, so that the true height of your feet is much lower than the heel would suggest. So 8cm heels become a comfortable 5cm for your feet. Finally, you can wear comfortable high-heeled boots again. Try it out and be surprised by the "SOFTCLOX effect".

How to combine wooden clog boots:

How do you like to style your comfortable boots? The possibilities are endless. We love SOFTCLOX wooden heel boots in a cool mix of styles with delicate skirts and flowing dresses. Add a knitted jumper or cardigan and the fab look is complete. Our wood sole boots are also a cool addition to slim trousers and jeans. The wooden heel boots can be worn with any fashion trend. Dare to experiment and play with colours and textures. Comfortable boots are not only a practical everyday companion, but also a cool fashion it-piece. We hope that SOFTCLOX wooden heel boots will inspire women!

Spoilt for choice: Comfortable boots - but which ones?

Are you more the classic type, the nature lover, the sexy vamp, a romantic or fashionista or a little bit of them all? To ensure that as many women as possible find their favourite wooden heel boots to suit them, we offer a versatile selection of wood sole boots in the SOFTCLOX range: heeled boots, flat boots, over-the-knee boots, suede boots, smooth leather boots, boots with buckles, boots with studs, animal print boots, boots with floral patterns, lined boots with lambskin, lace-up boots, narrow boots, sturdy boots and many more. So you will find the right wood sole boots for every fashion style and every occasion.

No matter what style or colour, SOFTCLOX wooden heel boots are all comfortable boots for women.

Our wooden heel boots defy wind and weather!

Are wood sole boots sensitive to water? We can answer this frequently asked question with a clear NO. You can wear SOFTCLOX wooden clog boots for women in any weather without any worries. Wetness will not harm the wood nor the leather. You can impregnate the leather with a suitable agent if you like. The wooden sole of the comfortable boots doesn't need any extra protection. Wood is a natural material that is made to withstand the elements.

Extra plus: Thanks to wooden heel boots, you won‘t get cold feet in the cold season ever again! Because wood is temperature-balancing, it absorbs body heat and releases it back to your feet. So You can even slip into your wooden clog boots barefoot so that you can enjoy the summery barefoot feeling even in winter! If you like it extra cosy, you'll love our wooden heel boots with lambskin lining.

Cleaning wood sole boots is very easy:

Especially in the cold and wet season, comfortable boots are frequently worn and therefore sometimes get a little dirty. Don’t worry about it! Because Cleaning wooden heel boots is super easy: all you need is warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth to wipe them clean. Afterwards, please make sure to let your wooden clog boots dry slowly at room temperature - not on the heater or in the sun. If the wood needs a little spa treatment after some time, you can freshen up the wooden heel boots with a soft cloth and baby oil or furniture oil (matching the wood colour). So if you treat them right, your favourite boots will remain reliable companions for many years.