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Comfortable ankle boots with happiness-factor


SOFTCLOX leather ankle boots for women are one thing above all else: super comfortable, because we know that comfortable boots make women happy. At SOFTCLOX this even applies to ankle boots with heels! However, medium-high, or flat heeled ankle boots should also be “feel-good” shoes- that’s our focus! SOFTCLOX women’s ankle boots also meet fashion requirements because not only do women want to feel comfortable, they want to be beautiful as well. Stylish and comfortable ankle boots make you happy- and they make us happy as well! We are always more than glad when happy customers write to us saying, “Finally, comfortable high heels!”

The SOFTCLOX ankle boots: The shoe for every season.

Comfortable heeled women’s booties shoes are the must-have in every shoe closet, seeing as these versatile shoes can be worn almost all year round. While some women prefer light leather ankle boots such as Chelsea boots or shoe booties in autumn or spring, many women prefer fur-lined ankle boots in winter. However, throughout the year, one thing remains indispensable: comfort.

Ankle boots with style!

As much as women agree on the topic of comfortable ankle boots, their tastes are just as different when it comes to style. That is why SOFTCLOX offers customers are wide variety of women’s ankle boots heel with wooden soles: in addition to Chelsea boots, flat ankle boots for everyday life, and high heel ankle boots, there are numerous options, each with different details: women’s ankle boots with buckles, lace-up ankle boots, slouchy boots, ankle boots with flowers, ankle boots with rivets, vegan ankle boots, half shaft booties shoes, animal print ankle boots, normal leather ankle boots, lambskin ankle boots, and ankle boots in the suggested cowboy boots look.

An all-around good feeling in SOFTCLOX women’s ankle boots

Of course, our wooden ankle boots also have the flexible wooden soles, which are the SOFTCLOX trademark. Thanks to the integrated rubber joint in the natural wooden sole, the feet can roll comfortably and step gently. We use extra light poplar wood for our soles, so that our comfortable ankle boots do not weigh down the feet. When it comes to the leather for our wooden shoe booties, we value particularly soft and high-grade quality, and make sure that nothing pinches or applies pressure. SOFTCLOX leather ankle boots for women are completely cuddly!

Sustainable ankle boots for women

Slow fashion is not just a buzzword for us; it is a lived corporate culture.  Since the beginning, the responsible use of resources has been a matter close to our hearts. In addition to being comfortable to wear, wood is above all a renewable raw material. Quality and origin are also important to us when it comes to leather and all other materials. SOFTCLOX are all made in Europe; the wood comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests. The slow fashion idea is also a driving force in the design of our women’s booties shoes: we want comfortable ankle boots that meet fashion demands and are timelessly chic at the same time - so that they can be worn for many years. The high quality standards make SOFTCLOX women’s ankle boots robust and durable.

Ankle boots: The all-rounder among women’s shoes

Do you know that? Standing in front of the shoe closet and not being sure about what to wear? In any case, they should be comfortable booties shoes! The little sister of the boot goes with pretty much every look! Flat ankle boots can be wonderfully combined with a dress or skirt, just like the heeled ankle boots. In addition to skinny jeans, high heel ankle boots conjure up endlessly long legs. Ankle boots go just as well with a pantsuit for the office, as they do with a casual look. The comfortable boots are the perfect choice even when the weather is unsteady - seeing as SOFTCLOX leather ankle boots cannot be damaged by moisture. The soles are non-slip and offer stable support, especially on slippery or uneven paths.

What women want

At SOFTCLOX, we know what women value when it comes to ankle boots. As already stated, women’s booties shoes have to be comfortable! Another important aspect is that it is easy to put on and take off.  Stretch inserts, such as our Chelsea boots, make slipping on child’s play. Ankle boots with a zipper also make it quick and easy to put on. As a rule, the zippers are discreetly hidden on the inside of the ankle boots. However, with some models the zipper is a part of the design, and offers a nice eye-catcher, for example for the back of the ankle boots.

No more cold feet! Lined women’s ankle boots

Women always have cold feet – fact or rather prejudice? Anyone who becomes to the Ice Feet Club will love our lined lambskin ankle boots. The lining not only provides warmth, but it is incredibly cozy. Another plus is the wooden sole. Since wood is naturally temperature-regulating, it absorbs body heat, and returns it to the feet. Insider tip: just slip barefoot into the comfortable ankle boots with lambskin – the feeling is incredible.

Maintaining SOFTCLOX ankle boots

Those who have comfortable shoe booties will wear them very often. That’s why they occasionally deserve a care regimen. To clean SOFTCLOX ankle boots, it is best to use lukewarm water, with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Simply rub the wooden soles on the ankle boot thoroughly - do not worry, the water does not damage the wood or the leather. Then, let the shoes dry slowly – not on the heater or in the sun. If the wood looks a bit faded over time, it can be freshened up with baby oil, or high-quality furniture oil (the same color as the dark or light wooden sole). SOFTCLOX customers can enjoy their comfortable women’s ankle boots heel for a long time.