The Original SOFTCLOX-Effect

A surprise hidden in the soles: SOFTCLOX are made from astoundingly light natural wood and gently roll as you walk, thanks to the specially integrated rubber joint. This makes them wonderfully comfortable and great for everyday wear! The trendy designs that always use extra-soft leather make them both modern and expressive. It’s not surprising that our wooden clogs with their flexible wonder sole have won many awards, following the motto: sexy and comfortable... it’s possible, after all!

Good to know

We are loving and caring our planet!

The all-natural wood (alder or poplar) comes from a sustainable European forest.
SOFTCLOX… the name alone is a commitment!

Finally walking on wood is comfortable thanks to our soft rubber joint
How to get the right fit

If Eilyn fits you, you can toy also with Emilia or Eva. Same initial means same shaped sole.
Easy to care

Just clean with soapy water and leave to dry naturally.
Perfect for every weather

Whether it’s hot or cold, dry or wet - our wood provides natural temperature regulation.