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Here you will find our clogs for women at a special price!

Our "Sale" category constantly holds especially cheap bargains of our sexy clogs, sandals and mules for you. SOFTCLOX are also great in autumn and winter; clearly we therefore also pack boots, ankle boots with and without lambskin and also winter-warm clogs in the sale. The discounts are exceptionally high, especially if you take advantage of our promotions via newsletter, Facebook or Instagram.

Don't worry, even if our clogs for women are extra cheap here, the quality is always 1a. You can rely on the impeccable workmanship and always exquisite materials of our SOFTCLOX even in our "Clogs Sale" section. The warranty claims remain the same whether you buy SOFTCLOX at full price or buy leather clogs for women here in the sale. Each of the clogs for women offered at a low price is lovingly crafted and has no other flaws. Unlike other second choice shops, for example, all the clogs and mules in the sale and all the other types of shoes offered in the sale are absolutely new and of high quality.

How come the price of our clogs is so reasonable?

The fact that our flexible clogs for women can be offered here at such a low price has several reasons. We love our SOFTCLOX! And we think our sexy clogs are worth every penny. One reason why we still sell our clogs to ladies at a low price is, for example, remnant sizes. Every article is always produced by us in large numbers in all sizes 36-42/43. But which sizes are actually sold can hardly be planned in advance - even if there are statistical surveys for this. So there are always a few sizes left over; these go into the clogs sale after a while. Another reason lies in fashionable topicality. We don't always meet our customers' tastes 100%. We develop the collection over 1 year before the actual sale. What we like and what is "in" does not always coincide with your opinion. Such mules, sandals, ankle boots and clogs are then also destined for the sale.

A note: Again and again we hear of so-called fake sites that offer our clogs for women at low prices. Please use good judgement and intuition to check the credibility of such dubious sellers. If you are in doubt, please ask us whether an authorised dealer is behind the clog sale offer and actually sells our beloved SOFTCLOX.

SOFTCLOX Outlet and SOFTCLOX Factory Outlet

Cheap clogs are available in our SOFTCLOX online shop in the "Sale" category. Some women look for cheap clogs in an outlet. There is no "real" SOFTCLOX outlet, i.e. a shop with, for example, leather clogs for women on sale. However, there is a small "factory outlet" in our partner production in Austria. There you will also find our sample shoes and clogs for women at a low price. Sample shoes are the shoes we create for pre-sale to our shoe retailers so they can see and touch our sexy clogs, mules, sandals and ankle boots. Our SOFTCLOX are emotional items - and that's how they are chosen by our great retail partners. Each piece is taken in the hand, felt, put back down and tried on - inside, of course. These sample pieces have always been made in size 37, which is why you can find many clogs cheap in 37 in our online shop in the sale and also in our factory outlet at Shucube, Bahnhofstrasse 25, 4880 St. Georgen im Attergau, Austria.

The quick way to our clogs for ladies and cheap

Whether you are looking for our best-selling clogs such as Tamina at a low price, our O-Bootie at a low price or mules at a super special price, you will (almost) always find what you are looking for on our Sale page. It's even quicker if you use the size filter on the Sale page to search for your own size.