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Wooden sandals for women are a summer must-have!


No summer without wooden clog sandals! Why SOFTCLOX are the perfect shoes in the summer season: Wood has a natural temperature-balancing effect. Your feet always stay comfortably cool in wooden platform sandals, but never hot. Sweaty summer feet are a thing of the past in SOFTCLOX sandals with wooden soles. Yeahhh…

Sandal or platform sandal - what's the difference?

Different variations of women's sandals offer variety for women's feet. The flexible wooden sandals by SOFTCLOX are also available in a wide range of designs. Many people know them as wooden clog sandals or wooden platform sandals. But wait – what is the difference here? First of all: sandal is the right term for our wooden summer shoes, but there are many variations in the design and heels. SOFTCLOX wooden sandals are available as wooden high heel sandals, slightly higher sandals or flat sandals. Many of them, especially the higher ones, have a platform heel – to ensure the highest wearing comfort. Therefore, you can say, that SOFTCLOX are truly comfortable high heel sandals. They come in a wide variety of styles: simple wooden sandals like KEA, wooden high heel sandals like EILYN, wooden wedge sandals like ABBIE or fashionable wooden clog sandals that follow the latest summer trends. However, SOFTCLOX sandals for women have one thing in common: the flexible wooden sole - and thus the highest possible comfort!

Wooden heel sandals - yes please! But which ones?

Almost every woman knows this feeling: you are standing in front of a full wardrobe and just can't decide. We feel the same way about the large selection of SOFTCLOX wooden platform sandals. Should it be the simple black wooden sandals, an all-rounder that goes with many things? Or would you prefer romantic wooden heel sandals with flowers - to match your favourite summer dress? Or the dark blue wooden sole sandals for a maritime summer look? For a shopping spree, comfortable wedge-heeled wooden sandals, also called wedges, would be a smart choice. For the eye-catcher at the summer party, the comfortable wooden high heel sandals in bright red is just right. Real fashionistas love the unusual: animal print wooden platform sandals or wooden heel sandals in croc-look are a must-have in your shoe cabinet. White wooden sandals are an elegant summer classic, same as our wooden clogs sandals in nude with a tone-on-tone wooden sole, thanks to the same-coloured rubber joint in natural shade. Another popular classic in the SOFTCLOX range are sling sandals with wooden soles, such as VICKI, RUNA or WIEBKE, as well as wooden platform heel sandals with cross straps, e.g. REBEKKA. Hobby dancers will probably fall in love with LEILANI our T-strap wooden high heel sandals. If you like things a little rockier, you'll certainly be a fan of our wooden sandals with studs. And if you're into the 70s look, you definitely can't go past wooden platform sandals or wooden wedge sandals.

We can't make the decision for you, but we promise you - whatever you choose - it will definitely be your new favourite sandals. Because all SOFTCLOX wooden sandals have one thing in common: they are soft all around and heavenly comfortable!

SOFTCLOX wooden heel sandals - Quality Made in Europe

From the strap to the wooden sole clog sandals by SOFTCLOX are an all-round European product. When choosing materials, we value the highest quality and a conscious use of resources. SOFTCLOX leather sandals with wooden soles caress your feet because we attach importance to particularly soft leather. Whether you choose wooden sandals with smooth leather or prefer wooden platform sandals made of suede - your feet will love them one way or another! Of course, vegan sandals for women are also part of the wide SOFTCLOX range. Our vegan sandals with wooden soles are guaranteed animal-free - neither the material itself nor the glue contain any animal components. So women who prefer vegan and sustainable wooden platform sandals will also find what they are looking for in the SOFTCLOX online shop.

Fun Facts - Sandals in history

Sandals are, so to speak, the "original shoe". Sandals have been known to exist for around 7000 years. Of course, there were no wooden platform sandals back then, but versions made of pure leather. However, sandals were not accessible to everyone. In ancient Egypt, only priests and the pharaoh were allowed to wear sandals. In ancient Greece, sandals were forbidden for slaves and thus represented a visible difference between them and citizens. In ancient Rome, only the emperor was allowed to wear red sandals. And the number of straps differed for legionaries depending on their military rank. How amazing is it that those times are long gone and today all women are allowed to wear our wooden heel sandals!

Speaking of women - while in ancient times sandals were worn by men as well as women, they became accepted as women's shoes around 1800. And SOFTCLOX wooden sandals are also shoes for women throughout.

Why we love wooden platform heel sandals in summer

We have already mentioned above that sweaty feet are a thing of the past thanks to wooden clog sandals: because wood naturally balances out temperatures, SOFTCLOX wooden platform sandals do not give off heat or cold to your feet. They always stay pleasantly warm. What's more, wooden heel sandals are great to combine: whether with summer dresses or shorts, maxi or mini, romantic or casual - you'll find the right SOFTCLOX summer shoes for every look in our online shop.

SOFTCLOX women's sandals are, furthermore, the perfect shoes for vacation, seeing as SOFTCLOX wooden heel sandals are surprisingly light. So you can pack one more pair in your suitcase without hesitation. The wooden sole clog sandals are wonderfully robust, and neither sand nor water or heat can harm the leather or the wooden sole. Whether walking on the beach or sightseeing, with the wooden heel sandals you are comfortable everywhere, and the flexible wooden sole is also a real plus here! Tanned summer feet with painted toenails and the open sandals summer look - simply sexy and beautiful!