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SOFTCLOX wooden mules – summer mules shoes with favorite shoe potential 


At SOFTCLOX, we love wooden mules. After all, mules shoes were the very first SOFTCLOX model to hit the market in 2006, which is when the comfortable mules shoes with the flexible wooden sole was born. However, there are more than just nostalgic reasons why we love our SOFTCLOX wooden mules heels so much.

What exactly is a mule? Mules shoes are held on the feet with only one wide or several narrow straps. They are also popularly called loafers, slides or slippers. The toes are always visible in mules shoes, while the heels are always exposed. They can be both high and flat. Mules shoes for women are also popularly worn as house slippers, so they’re a mixture of home slippers and sandals. Originally intended as a hybrid of the two types of shoes, the mule has since evolved to an own shoe type. Our mules shoes are indeed both, suitable for home and street – regarding the material and the style factor. So SOFTCLOX wooden mules are simply essential in the wide range of comfortable summer mules shoes

Mules with wooden sole - versatile and practical

For us, wooden mules are among the most versatile women's shoes. Hardly any other shoe is so flexible to wear and quick to put on and take off. Whether just for a quick walk to the mailbox or in the garden, on a stroll, or on vacation for the way from the lounger to the beach bar - in only seconds you are slipped into the wooden mules. Often, mules shoes for women are provided with a heel, but the variety is wide. SOFTCLOX mules shoes heels offer a suitable height for all women: mules with flat wooden sole, wooden mules with small heel, high heel mule shoes, wooden high heel mules with block heel, wedge heel mules and mule shoes for women with medium heel. Our innovative natural wood sole makes SOFTCLOX mules shoes extra comfortable. Even our mules shoes heels such as “LAMBERTA” are very comfortable due to the platform effect and can also be worn for a long time. Try it and be surprised by the SOFTCLOX effect! There have been many women who do not wear heels that have actually changed their minds because of SOFTCLOX.

History of mules shoes for women - from simple slippers to sexy footwear

Originally, mules shoes were worn mainly at home; the practical slipper status seemed set. But in the 17th century, a wonderful image transformation started in France.

Mules, as they are still called in France today, became the standard shoe worn by french ladies in boudoirs, giving them an elegant, slightly wicked image. When, in the 1950s, big Hollywood icons began to wear high heel mule shoes and accessorize them with red toenails, the mules shoes heels advanced to become a sexy cult shoe. High heel mule shoes have kept a touch of the sexy image to this day. The Seventies and their hippie fashion then brought the wooden sole to the mule.

That's why bendable wooden mules from SOFTCLOX are convincing

Although mules shoes are practical summer shoes, not all mules shoes for women are comfortable. And here lies the significant difference of SOFTCLOX wooden mules shoes. SOFTCLOX mules have a special, flexible sole made of natural wood - our trademark. The integrated rubber joint allows your feet to roll gently with every step, as well as to walk quietly. In addition, the wood for our soles is incredibly light. High-quality, soft leather gently caresses your feet. So wooden mules heels do not have to be rattling, rigid and heavy - or uncomfortable – at all. Anyone who has tried SOFTCLOX wooden high heel mules knows what we're talking About.

SOFTCLOX mules shoes make women happy!

Why SOFTCLOX mule clog shoes make ladies happy besides their comfort? Women are - just like their feet - wonderfully different. That's why our selection of women's mules is extra versatile.

Do you love sexy mule shoes heels? Then you will definitely love our wooden high heel mules with the initial letters E or L. Because at SOFTCLOX, all models that start with the same letter have the same sole. The variants L and E are the “Femmes Fatales” among SOFTCLOX wooden soles - with a high heel they make women look elegant and sexy.  

You prefer mules shoes with medium heels? These mule clog shoes in mid-height are comfortable and feminine at the same time: ROMY, LAMBERTA, RANKA.

Ladies who prefer flat mules will also find a wide range of matching shoes in the SOFTCLOX online store: graceful wooden mules with mini-heels (e.g. KELLY) and, of course, entirely flat mules shoes for women, such as BLIDA.

Tastes are different, not only in terms of height, but also in design. That's why women will find versatile styles at SOFTCLOX: Plain mules, colorful mules, vegan mules, animal print mules, wooden mules with studs, mules with lambskin, Clogs mules, mules with buckles or mules with flowers, women's mules made of suede or smooth leather... The modern designs of our summer shoes make women's hearts beat faster!

How to style wooden mule clogs by SOFTCLOX

Good news first: mules shoes are easy to combine with any style. They go with dresses, skirts, pants – in any length. So let’s turn the styling question the other way around, and first take a look at your closet. What does your favorite summer outfit look like?

Wooden high heel mule shoes are perfect to combine with light, flowing dresses.  You can choose the classic high heel, but mules shoes with a very flat heel are also a fashionable combination with the dress. Whether rather small or high heels, SOFTCLOX mules encourage an upright posture, which looks elegant especially with feminine looks. The same is true for summer outfits with mini or midi length skirts. We style maxi skirts with wedge heel mules or wooden mules with block heels. These make us appear taller and are still really comfortable summer shoes. More the pants type? Style shorts with flat or wedge heeled wooden mules or our comfortable high heel mules. If you prefer flat wooden mules, give your summer outfit a feminine touch with mule shoes for women prettified with flowers, buckles or other decorative elements. Flat mules by SOFTCLOX are the perfect choice to your casual leisure looks.