What wood is used for SOFTCLOX? Where does it come from?

The all-natural wood (alder or poplar) comes from a sustainable European forest.


What does the brackets before and after the soft bending zone mean?

The ultra-soft rubber undersole guarantees a quiet and soft walking experience - and adds that extra touch of loveliness to put a zing in your day! The special bracketing on either side of the bending zone is characteristic of SOFTCLOX. It protects the surrounding wood from the pressure of the rolling movement.

No call for studs here!


How do I know if a model fits me?

Every SOFTCLOX with the same inital has the same shaped sole. Insole, length and heel height are exactly the same. If KEA fits you, you can toy also with KELLY or KASSANDRA.


Where are SOFTCLOX produced?

SOFTCLOX is a fully European product constructed without compromise by using the highest quality materials. The all-natural wood comes from a sustainable European forest. Only top-quality leather is  used for the upper and liner.

We are commited to using our planets resources carefully!


SOFTCLOX in winter... Does that work?

Sure no problem! There are even 3 facts for SOFTCLOX in the cold season:

1) Wood gives a warm foot climate in winter! Wood has a natural temperatur regulation; teh climat within a SOFTCLOX is therefor unique - not cold, not hot.

2) Water and snow cannot harm wood at all!  The wooden sole is immune against humitidy, like with wooden houses and boats – just let them dry slowly, not close to the heating. 

3) The SOFTCLOX sole is made from PU (Polyurethan) and takes care for a good grip in snow too.

SOFTCLOX are easy to care

To clean, simply wipe with warm soapy water and you're done. Water will not damage the wood, the important thing is just dry slowly - and definitily not in direct sunlight and not on the radiator!

Wood that has faded can be freshened up using baby oil, (dark) furniture stain or wood dye. Allow your SOFTCLOX to age gracefully.


What to do, if a piece of the wooden sole breaks out?

If a piece chips off the sole it can be glued back on again with wood glue.

"Only the very
best materials 
are used - no