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Wooden Clogs – from shoe classic to fashion trend


Wooden clogs are absolute classics that celebrate their comeback in the fashion world time and again. We at SOFTCLOX love the shoe trend wooden clogs and think that flexible clogs are a must-have in every woman's shoe cabinet.

Dutch wooden shoes are a shoe type suitable for any occasion. Comfortable clogs are perfect slippers, conspicuous clogs, such as fur clogs or clogs with animal prints, are eye-catchers for every street style. Plain leather clogs are casual everyday companions, clogs for women with heels visually stretch the leg and are comfortable at the same time. Whether as timeless basics or fashion statements – wooden clogs shoes never go out of fashion, are constantly reinterpreted, and thus find their way into more and more women's hearts.

History of wooden clogs - from the working environment to the Catwalk

Wooden clogs shoes originated in England, where they were used as working shoes. Afterwards, the path of wooden clogs led to Scandinavia and the Netherlands, where they became known as "clogs". Since shoes with wooden soles are practical and robust, they are still ideally suited as shoes for medical staff or as kitchen work shoes.

In the fashion world, the comfortable holland wooden shoes first gained popularity in the 1970s. At that time, wooden clogs were used as a unisex model. Their wearers were characterised by a flowing head of hair and a weakness for combining wooden shoes with flared trousers.  Today, clog shoes are not only found among hippie fashion lovers, but are also very popular by completely different types of women and fashion styles.

Fun fact: the dutch wooden shoe with leather cap is called a "sabot" in French. At the time of the beginning of agricultural mechanisation, French farm workers threw their clogs - their sabots - into the mowing and threshing machines that took away their jobs. The sabots blocked the mechanics and this made the machines unusable. This is how the term "sabotage" emerged.

SOFTCLOX – the experts for bendable wooden clogs

What characterises the wooden clogs by SOFTCLOX 

Clogs typically have a wooden sole. What is special about SOFTCLOX is that the wooden sole is bendable thanks to our innovation. High-quality rubber inserts in the sole make the wooden shoes flexible and comfortable, as the feet can roll gently when walking. The fact that the wooden clogs shoes are surprisingly light despite the wooden sole enhances  the extraordinary wearing comfort. Plus: the soft sole profile made of PU (polyurethane) prevents clattering when walking. SOFTCLOX has changed the typical wooden clog from hard, heavy and loud to flexible, light and quiet.

Of course, our flexible wooden clogs can be worn with socks. But it‘s worthwile slipping into the clogs barefoot. You will love the smooth feeling of the natural wood under your feet! Speaking of slipping into them - hardly any other type of shoe is quicker and easier to put on and take of.

Why SOFTCLOX clogs for women are sustainable

As a shoe manufacturer, we focus on environmental awareness and the sustainable use of all resources. The wood for our soles comes exclusively from sustainable forestry in Europe, and only high-quality materials from Europe are used in the production of SOFTCLOX. This guarantees short transport routes. So you’ll find only high-quality wooden clogs in our range.

SOFTCLOX also stands for slow fashion - that' s why we call ourselves a sustainable shoe label. Of course, this also applies to our clogs for women with natural wooden soles. The flexible clogs are durable and the design is intended to be in vogue for more than one season.

Wooden clogs are incredibly multifunctional

Good news for all fans of our special wooden shoes: combining SOFTCLOX wooden clogs is super easy! Moreover, dutch wooden shoes are comfortable and stylish companions at home, in the office, during leisure time or even for special occasions. Fortunately, clogs for women can be worn not only in spring and summer! If you like it cosy and warm in cold temperatures, some of our wooden shoes are lined with lambskin. No matter if they‘re lined with leather or lambskin, all of our clogs provide a temperature-balancing foot climate for warm feet - at home as well as during a walk outside.

Our wide range includes recurring clog classics, but also unusual wooden clogs which are true eye-catchers. Whether classic wooden clogs, clogs with studs, clog sandals, clog pumps, clogs with a closed front or open toed clogs - every woman will find her favourite style at SOFTCLOX! Depending on preference and occasion, women can choose flat clogs or clogs with heels. There are also different material options:  Wooden clogs shoes made of suede, plain leather clogs or clogs with fur - for those who prefer warm Clogs.

The most difficult part is probably to choose between the many different colours of the comfortable wooden clogs shoes. You are spoilt for choice with wooden clogs in plain colours: black clogs, brown clogs in all shades (clogs dark brown, clogs light brown, clogs cognac, clogs taupe), blue clogs or white clogs as well as clogs with patterns, such as animal print clogs (clogs with cow spots pattern, leopard print clogs).

This is how you can easily buy SOFTCLOX wooden clogs

Buying wooden clogs made easy: At you can filter by shoe type (plus shoe size to make it even more comfortable to find your matching clog). Select the shoe category "Clogs" – and you will see all available wooden clogs shoes. Now you can order your desired clogs. Then all you have to do is slip in and enjoy the perfect combination of style and comfort of the flexible wooden shoes!