SOFTCLOX Fan Carolin Rottländer München

Three questions to ... SOFTCLOX Fan Carolin Rottländer

"Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes." Finds Carolin Rottländer, communications expert and teen mom. We asked her three questions about our SOFTCLOX. Have fun with the short interview.

SOFTCLOX is a statement for me and fits my attitude to life. Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes!

Carolin Rottländer

Carolin Rottländer (57) is a jack-of-all-trades - Mom of a teen, communication expert, network pro and sunshine. For her profession, she is constantly on her feet. You can usually see her on her bike from A to B and always with a smile on her face through munich. Probably, because she never has foot pain. Eight years ago she discovered SOFTCLOX in Hamburg - cool, brown booties - and since then she has fallen in love with our shoes and the flexible wooden sole.


Das freut uns sehr! Wir haben Carolin Rottländer drei Fragen zu SOFTCLOX gestellt. Beim Begriff  Tausendsassa haben wir die Ergänzung Trendsetter vergessen, denn wir finden, dass ihr unsere Clogs zum Dirndl ganz hervorragend stehen! Ihnen wünschen wir nun viel Freude beim Lesen:

1. Dear Carolin, do your shoes have to be chic or practical?

After an ankle injury in 2016, I can no longer wear high-heeled shoes. Besides, I almost always cycle in town. That's why I like to wear practical shoes, which of course should also be a statement and fit my type.


In summer, these are usually sneakers or sandals in everyday life. But on special occasions, it may be something fancier. Since I do not like ballerinas or pumps, I became a big fan of SOFTCLOX.

2. Which one is your favorite model?

Im Sommer Sandalen mit flachem Absatz and Clogs halbhoch. Im Winter Booties mit flachem Absatz. Derzeit trage ich am liebsten meine schwarzen INKEN. Die funktionieren schick und sportlich kombiniert.

3. When do you wear your SOFTCLOX?

I love SOFTCLOX for all occasions where I want to be well dressed - this can be a date with my husband, an evening with my best female friends or one of the many professional invitations. I wear SOFTCLOX for the Oktoberfest with my “dirndl”, for the customer appointment, to spice up a more conservative outfit or for one of the many summer parties that are coming up now.

SOFTCLOX Fan Carolin Rottländer München

Have fun wearing your SOFTCLOX.

Foto-Credit: Messe München GmbH

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