Slow fashion shoes - deceleration and sustainability

Fortunately, a responsible treatment of our environment is becoming more and more important in fashion. At SOFTCLOX, slow fashion is corporate culture - right from the start.

But what does Slow Fashion actually mean?

Simply said, slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. With the latter, fashion is changing faster and faster and wearing periods are becoming shorter and shorter due to fast-moving trends. That is one of the reasons why fast fashion should be as cheap as possible. The conditions under which it is produced and the resources used for it are neglected. The damage caused to nature and people in the production of fast fashion is hard to redeem. Slow Fashion understands itself as a conscious opposite of fast fashion. We are glad that the fashion world is also rethinking more and more, and that slow fashion with its credo of "less is more" is taking hold. All resources should be used responsibly, all materials should be used carefully and the human work force fairly paid. Quality counts, not quantity - along the entire product life cycle. People who live Slow Fashion buy less, but high-quality clothing that can and will be worn longer due to its careful production.

Close-up of various colors of leather textiles

SOFTCLOX - friends for life…

For us, slow fashion has been our practiced corporate philosophy from the very beginning and is already written into our brand message. festgeschrieben. Durability is one of the main priorities we aim for with our sustainable women's shoes . No doubt the fashion aspect of our styles is important to us, but SOFTCLOX are not designed to be a short-lasting disposable product, but as slow fashion shoes. We don't put fashion in the extreme, but in a form that can be worn over several seasons. SOFTCLOX are friends for life - reliable and constant companions for every occasion, just like true friends.

Consciously, we only develop two collections a year. The comfortable wooden shoes are easy to combine and give women the opportunity to emphasise their own personal style over a long period of time.

Nachhaltige Schuhe für Damen von SOFTCLOX

Slow Fashion also implies Fair Fashion!

The heart of our women's shoes is the flexible wooden sole. Not only in the durable design, but also in the materials and production, we focus on the responsible treatment of humans and nature. The trees from which the wood for our sustainable shoes comes are allowed to grow slowly and the wood must then dry for another 12-18 months before being gently processed. High-quality poplar wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe are used for the flexible wooden sole. All other materials used for SOFTCLOX, e.g. the leather, are also of high, sustainable quality. They're 100% made in Europe and are produced in more than 100 steps, mainly by hand and of course under fair working conditions. True Fair Fashion shoes! eben!

Stop dumping - start caring.

The common throwaway mentality is in sharp contrast to sustainability. We want our shoes to remain sustainable, even when they are out of production and in our customers' closets. Therefore, we offer the repair of the wooden sole. It is a natural product and definitely very robust, but not unbreakable. Should, for example, a piece of wood break out of the sole due to a knock, SOFTCLOX customers can make use of the one-time, free repair in our production.

To ensure that our customers have the longest possible enjoyment of their sandals, we have useful tips for caring for SOFTCLOX shoes, sandals, Clogs, bootees and boots. A faded wooden sole can easily be freshened up with - depending on the colour of the sole - light or dark furniture oil or e.g. Naturhaus tinting-oil . This way it takes a very long time, often many years, until the natural lifetime of a SOFTCLOX is over. Let your sustainable shoes age gracefully.

(Do you own older and still adorable SOFTCLOX? Send us a picture to we are always happy to receive "proof photos".)

SOFTCLOX Herstellung

Dial instead of "trial and error".

For us, deceleration also includes personal contact. Try SOFTCLOX leisurely at your local SOFTCLOX dealer or if you have any questions, simply call one of our experienced specialists at our SOFTCLOX Onlineshop. A phone call is not only more personal, but also often results in a much better outcome thanks to competent advice. So personal contact also improves sustainable shoe shopping. If you are quite sure that you have ordered the right shoes, you will have to return fewer, because returns mean a higher pollution for the environment.

No matter where and how, we look forward to your Contact - if by phone dial +49 (0) 89 / 18 94 98 33 .

In the spirit of slow fashion, we take time for people and fashion and regard respect for nature as a top priority throughout the entire production chain. We refuse a throw-away mentality and the waste of resources and prioritise high-quality shoes that give long-lasting pleasure by wearing them.


Join us!

Handmade with love. See how SOFTCLOX are manufactured in our shoe factory.

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