The Original SOFTCLOX Effect

A surprise hidden in the sole. Learn all about the flexible wonder sole of our wooden shoes.

Whether you choose a black nappa ankle boot, soft suede boots, clogs, our popular women's high heeled summer shoes or an animal print mule: The original SOFTCLOX effect always stays the same!


SOFTCLOX are made of amazingly light natural wood and roll softly thanks to the specially integrated rubber joint. This makes them wonderfully comfortable and suitable for everyday use!


The ultra-soft rubber undersole guarantees a quiet and soft walking experience - and adds that extra touch of loveliness to put a zign in your day. The special bracketing of SOFTCLOX. It protects the surrounding wood from the pressures of the rolling movement . No call for studs here!

The trendy designs that always use extra-soft leather make them both modern and expressive. 


It's not surprising that our wooden clogs with their fexible wonder sole have won many awards, following the motto: sexy and comfortable.... it's possible, after all!

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