SOFTCLOX - friends for life

Trendsetter. Wonder maker. Friends for life…

SOFTCLOX, that’s us – five friends and professionals in the shoe business who decided to put our heads together to develop an amazing product: fashionable wooden shoes with flexible soles. In 2006 we finished the first SOFTCLOX. Ever since then we have been passionately working to perfect our ambitious concept so it always reflects the latest trends. And, you know, we’re pretty proud of what we managed to create – a distinctive, high-quality product that has turned customers into bona fide fans.

Why friends for life?

Friends for life… that’s how our customers sees her SOFTCLOX – a fantastic, top-quality product that she can rely on and wear comfortably to any occasion. Every SOFTCLOX delivers our signature WOW effect – the incredible feeling of a super soft, ultra light wooden sole that rolls as you walk, plus soft premium leather and a perfect fit.

Friends for life... also stands for our desire to have a close, harmonious relationship with everyone. Happiness, openness, fair play and creativity are the principles that guide how we work with customers and business partners. Together we are the passion and success behind SOFTCLOX... friends for life!
SOFTCLOX are available exclusively at specialty retailers and select online retailers. You can search for shops that carry SOFTCLOX by going to the „storefinder“ on this website